March 16 - 20, 2015
Hall 11, B26, CeBIT Hannover, Germany

Analog 3D printer at the CeBIT 2015
ICONOSTASIS makes it possible!

Under the title ICONOSTASIS III, the artists Florian Dietrich, Martin Schepers and Markus Zimmermann present a stand at the CeBIT fair from March 16 to 20 in hall 11 which is an artwork as well as an experimenting site.

Amidst the worlds largest digital fair, the artist collective researches the connections between arts, religion and economy and opposes the innovative high tech development with an analog 3D printer.

ICONOSTASIS III is an installation comprising several areas and involving visitors actively in a trade cycle. The centerpiece of everything is a large wall, the iconostasis, a cult artifact borrowed from the orthodox church ritual. It marks the border between the sacral room for the trans­substantiation (bread and wine become the Body of Christ) and the secular room for the congregation. It is a place of blessing and spiritual elevation – a process that cannot be economically assessed.

At the CeBIT, the iconostasis gets a redefinition. In the middle of it there is a hatch through which a barter takes place. Here, visitors can trade a selfmade clay figure for a rice dish. While the clay figure itself will be destroyed after the trade and fed back into the cycle, a photographic copy of it will serve a craftsman, who is experienced in making madonna statues, to produce a wooden replica of the figure. The analog trans­formation, the analog 3D printer, this is the highlight of the installation!
This way, inter­pretations of sacral figures are generated during the fair.

While the CeBIT 2015 advertizes a world of digital possibilities with the slogan „d!conomy – the age of digital trans­formation is here“, the three artists at stand B26 offer human interaction, artisan craftsmanship and the redefinition of an old spiritual rite.

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